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Pameran Perhiasan-Indonesia Jewellery Fair 19 – 22 August 2011

Informasi Umum
Wisma Sejahtera 3rd floor Suite 302, Jl. Let. Jend. S Parman Kav.75, Jakarta, Indonesia 11410
Ballroom Shangri-la Hotel – Surabaya 19 – 22 August 2011
Gambaran Perusahaan
INDONESIA JEWELLERY FAIR (“IJF”) is a premier jewellery trade fair in Indonesia. Jakarta International Jewellery Fair (“JIJF”) and Surabaya International Jewellery Fair (“SIJF”) are 2 (two) major annual events of Indonesia Jewellery Fair. The events are participated by national and international jewellery manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. Exhibitors will showcase wide selections of gol…Lihat Selengkapnya
• Jewellery retailers both domestic and overseas with the size ranging from small, medium to large;
• Jewellery distributors and wholesalers;
• Jewellery manufacturers;
• Jewellery business owners with small, medium, and large in size;
…Lihat Selengkapnya
• As a conduit for jewellery retailers, distributors, and wholesalers to meet together at one place;
• As a medium to introduce latest design, trend, and technology of jewellery and its accessories by direct business owners;
• As a channel to direct access into a huge retailed market in Indonesia for jewellery distributors and wholesalers alike;
• As an opportunity for a direct meeting among jewellery business owners;
• As a venue for promotion and enhance brand image, and develop brand awareness within jewellery industry and its related industry;
• As a place for consumers to obtain product knowledge with latest design and manufacturing technology;
• As a means for small, medium, and large enterprises within jewellery industry to showcase their products;
• As a medium to increase revenue and expand market of jewellery and its accessories;
• As a benchmark for the development of jewellery industry and its related industry in Indonesia;
• As a stepping stone for small and medium enterprises to improve their welfare within jewellery industry.
ASEAN Jewellery Expo 2011 & Surabaya International Jewellery Fair (“SIJF”)

Email  info-jewellery@centrin.net.id
Sumber:  indonesia-jewellery.com


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