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Indonesia Maritim Expo 2011 13-15 Okt 2011

In 2010, Indonesia Maritime Expo has been successfully held with accomplishment of 85 exhibitors of marine industry players from Indonesia and different countries showcased the major shipbuilding, marine services and technology. More than 5000 potential buyers have visited and linked their network business through this prestigious platform in Jakarta.

Now in its 3rd edition at 2011, Indonesia Maritime Expo has grown fast to be the barometer of the worldwide maritime community in Indonesia. With a particular focus on where the marine industry has been established at last two shows, we are proud to extend the Indonesia Maritime Expo that focus on the marine industry, offshore and with oil exploration.

As one of the largest archipelago, Indonesia also has ranked as one of the biggest oil producers in the world. Indonesia has been active in the oil sector for more than 125 years and continues to be a significant player in the international oil industry. By looking at this heritage opportunity, Indonesia Maritime Expo will expand more of the industry inside the maritime business by providing strategic convergent of marine industry, offshore and also oil companies to explore new business opportunities and challenges through the benefits of the show.

By being projected to be bigger and enhancement in quality of the show, this three-day event will bring together leading industry leaders and experts in shipping, marine, offshore industry to showcase the latest development in technology and many more.

Quoted testimonials :

“Indonesia Maritime Expo is an important maritime event since the event will cater complete requirements of commercial, government and military maritime industry”
Mohamad S. Hidayat, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia,

“Coming to the event will be a good way to introduce our company so we can expand our business in Indonesia”
Julianne Chough, Samwoo Maritime, Korea

“We believe Indonesia Maritime Expo will continue to be an excellent platform for the maritime industry in Indonesia to get updated on the latest trends, issue, technologies in marine sector”
Harsusanto, Chairman of IPERINDO

“Considering the remarkable response from our customers’ in Indonesia Maritime Expo 2009, we were very enthusiastic and have high hopes that this year we will get an even better response”
Herman Benjamin, Semeru Teknik, Surabaya

“For the marketing purposes, the expo is very good”
Suhendro Priyo Utomo, Wintermar, Jakarta


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